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The HAIT&TFOUNDATION comprises a determined and dedicated team.

It is exciting to see how the project of rebuilding the Internat Sainte Madeleine proceeds to meet the set goals.
In the end there will be an Internat and School; a project one can be proud of having participated in.
Become a team member and make your resources available to aid the orphans of Haiti who so desperately need our help.

At this time membership is just TT$ 100.00 annually.

Download and print out the Membership Registration Form- (in pdf format) click here

Filled in Membership Registration Form and Membership contribution can be submitted or mailed to:


92 Oxford Street
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

tel: (868) 287- 2078

When a deposit is made at the bank, it should be done in triplicate. HaiTT would need to see the triplicate copy as proof of purchase.




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